Beginner's Guide To Zooming

Assembling your scope for the first time can be frustrating and tedious. This guide outlines a couple of essential tips which will help new users maximize the effectiveness of their pocket scope. Also included are links to our recommended night vision applications.

Table of Contents

1. Assembling Your Scope

2. Practice Makes Perfect

3. Aligning Your Scope

4. Smartphone Operation

5. Night Vision Download

1. Assembling Your Scope

Assembly of your scope can be accomplished in four simple tips. Please be sure to watch the brief video below as well.

  • Attach Tripod to your Scope
  • Attach Phone Clip to your Scope
  • Attach Cell Phone to your Scope
  • Open Native Smartphone Camera Application

Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve all heard the old adage “practice makes perfect”. I’m here to tell you that the saying holds true when operating your scope. It will be difficult for a new user to replicate what they’ve seen on our social media. Fortunately, you will be well on your way after reading this guide.

New users are recommended to practice assembling & dissembling the unit repeatedly as proper assembly is paramount to become a zooming master. We understand the technology isn’t perfect yet, so knowing how to deal with small nuances can prepare you for that perfect shot. 

One of our customers using the AVP for target practice at his local range

Properly Aligning Your Scope

The key to a perfect shot is to precisely line up your smartphone’s camera with the clip’s peep hole. As you can see in the picture below, the clips peep hole is not lined up with the smartphones camera. It’s slightly off-center. Ideally, you want to be perfectly centered. On a similar note, make sure the scope and cellphone are both firmly secured. If not, you risk the unit falling apart mid use.

To ensure best results, make sure the unit is resting on a flat surface. If you’re still having trouble stabilizing the legs of the tripod, or want to take your new hobby to the next level, we designed the scope to be universally compatible with all industry standard tripods. So if you’re not a fan of tripod we provide, feel free to explore other options.

Keep in mind that your scope does not require a phone to function as a basic monocular. While you wont be able to access any of the native functionality your phone offers, the AVP at its core is still a lightweight and powerful monocular which can be used with the naked eye.

One of our customers using their scope without a phone

Smartphone Operation

As previously mentioned, the AVP relies on the power of a smartphone camera. Knowing your way around the camera application will help you capture optimal pictures and videos.

Due to the overwhelming amount of smartphones, it would be impossible for us to know the details of each device; however, we have compiled a generic list of key functions/settings users should look for when operating their camera.

Note: most of these settings can be enabled/disabled in your phones camera settings

  • Make sure your phone is recording in the highest resolution
  • Enable video stabilization
  • Enable grid lines
  • Use smartphone side-buttons for zooming in/out
  • Disable camera flash
  • Remove phone case

If you’re having trouble finding any of these settings, a quick Google search will point you in the right direction.

Night Vision Smartphone Application

Download link: iOS Application:

Download link: Android Application:

These applications work by slowing your camera's frame rate speed and allowing more light to enter prior to generating the image. These pictures are also further enhanced through the manipulation of basic image properties like exposure, white balance, and contrast.

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Don't Miss This Great EDC Deal

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The reasons for carrying a monocular are endless: hiking, camping, surveilling, bird watching, star-gazing, fun at the range, and more. To make things even better, the ability of our scope to pair with iPhone and Android devices means multiple people can see through the monocular at once. It also means you can record video, take pictures, zoom digitally, and even use some night vision applications.

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