This page is intended to answer any questions you may have regarding our shipping procedures.

Where Do You Ship From?

Shipments are shipped directly from our warehouse in the United States. Our warehouse is located at 8 Shire Drive in the quaint New England town of Norfolk, Massachusetts. Customers are welcome to visit during normal business hours.

What Shipping Services Do You Use?

We use DHL for the majority of our orders. DHL includes full end-to-end tracking and shipment value protection. Transit times typically take between 2-3 business days domestically and 7-9 days internationally.

How Do I Track My Order?

If your tracking number starts with a or a 3, it was shipped with 4PX. 4PX orders can be tracked by using the link below:

4PX Tracking:

If your tracking number starts with 93 or GM, it was shipped with DHL. These orders can be tracked by using the link below:

If your tracking number starts with 94 or UA or LZ, it was shipped with USPS. These orders can be tracked by using the link below:

Customs Information

Unless otherwise noted, customers are responsible for any taxes, duties, or tariffs imposed by their government. 

European customers please note that purchased goods will be imported on behalf of you (the consignee/buyer). The consignee authorizes NavySupply to import the goods on his or her behalf. Further, the consignee/buyer agrees that NavySupply may delegate the obligation to import the goods on his or her behalf to a subcontractor (e.g. customs broker). The consignee will pay the taxes & duties in addition with the purchase price of the goods.

Lost Package and Return-To-Sender Policy

We, the shipper, incur a significant fee for packages which are returned to us as undeliverable. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide valid shipping information upon checkout. If we receive a package which was returned to us as undeliverable, we will cancel your order and deduct the return fee from your refund. This fee is imposed and collected by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and not something we have any control over. Please make sure that the street name, address, state, zip code, and country used on your shipping address is valid and that you are able to receive mail from the USPS. 

Orders which have been deemed as lost (as concluded by customer testimony and tracking activity) will be refunded or re-shipped per the customer's preference. Orders which have been damaged in transit will also be refunded or re-shipped per the customer's preference.

Return Policy

We offer a 60 day return policy which begins from the date of delivery as evidenced by tracking records. If you need to return your product(s) within the timeframe, simply contact our support team and they will assist you with the return process. We do not charge any restocking fees. We accept both domestic and international returns.

Shipping Restrictions

As directed by the United States Treasury Department, Commerce Department, and State Department, we will not accept orders from or ship to the following countries: Afghanistan, Balkans, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, China (PR), Cote d'lvoire, Crimea Region, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Fiji, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Night Vision Device Disclaimer

This website does not stock or distribute any devices which fall within the scope of the US Department of Commerce or the US Department of State.